Custom Order

Brooke Charlton

Hey Everyone!A common question we get is 'Do you do custom orders?' YES WE DO!!We do custom orders for any of the current items we make and also for some items we have not yet made. Contact us today to discuss custom orders further.Phone: 0432637787Email: sales@bumblesblankets.comWe will do our very best to make whatever it is you're after however we do not always have the resources available for all questions. All items are handmade and therefore there may be a wait for custom orders especially if we have not made the item before.


Brooke Charlton

Welcome to Bumbles Blankets!We make a range of baby items such as bibs, burp cloths, nappy wallets, taggie comforters, rattles, blankets, nursery sets, fabric baskets and so much more.Every item is handmade and therefore each two have their own little differences. We do take custom orders for items we already make and also items we may not have on our list just yet. Thankyou for visiting our website, we look forward to hearing from you.